Our Policy

We take your privacy very seriously.  We want you to have a great user experience, and part of that is knowing that you can trust that your data is safe and that your privacy is guarded, both in the App and here on the support site.  In short, it is.  Read on for the gory details.

The App

The data you inherently share with your copy of Chronoptic through normal use of the App, such as any names, dates, or dollar amounts, stays inside the copy of the App on your device, unless you explicitly export it via email to the recipient of your choice.  Then it is sent only to the email address or addresses you specify.

As is typical of many other Apps, we do reserve the right to collect anonymous data about how the App is being used.  For example, we may observe how many times, across all users, a certain feature is engaged.  Such data is aggregated and anonymized in a way that does not allow us to ascribe individual actions to particular users, but does give us a feel for what is working and what is not working across all users, which features are popular, and what can be done to improve the user experience in the future.  But rest assured, your personal data remains safely on your device, and we have no way of knowing what you in particular are doing with the app.

The Web Site

As with the App, the web site you are currently browsing may also collect anonymous usage information (like many other web sites do).  Just like the App, the analytics data collected by the web site is not used to identify you in particular, but rather is used to analyze which aspects of the web site are working and which are not, giving us the data we need to improve the site.

You may find what you need on this site by browsing around anonymously.  Between the FAQ and what already exists in the Forums, you may find answers to your questions.  However, if you do decide to become an active member of our community and post into the Forums, you will be asked to register.  At a minimum, we require a valid email address to do this, but you also may choose to fill in a brief profile of yourself.  Be aware that while we will neither sell nor share your email address with anyone, any other information you put in your profile will be visible to anyone who visits the site.  So just use reasonable discretion when deciding what you want to share in your profile.