• What is Chronoptic?

    Due to a conflict with another app whose name is very similar to our original name of HourTracker, we are in the process of rebranding our app with the name Chronoptic.  Same app, different name.  We will roll this out in version 1.2, due around the end of July.

  • When I turned the phone on in a new time zone, why did all my IN and OUT times change?

    While time is always recorded in Universal Time Coordinates, or UTC, it is displayed on the Time Card according to the time zone you are in right now. If you punch in while in New York at 9:00 AM EST, your IN time shows as 9:00 AM. If you then turn off your phone, fly to LA, and turn the phone back on, once the phone figures out that it is now in the Pacific time zone, that same IN time now shows as 6:00 AM, because it was 6:00 AM in LA when you punched in. All IN and OUT times are adjusted accordingly when the phone registers in a new time zone. Data stored in the internal database is unaffected; only the display of the data changes.

  • What happens when I travel to another time zone?

    The app always records time in Universal Time Coordinates, or UTC. No matter where you are in the world, UTC time is the same. So if you punch in just before you leave New York, and punch out just after you arrive in Los Angeles (only after the flight crew says it is safe to turn on your phone, of course), the 6 hours of flight time will be recorded properly even though the phone’s clock, knowing what time zone it was in at either end, said 9:00 AM when you left and 12:00 noon while you sat waiting on the tarmac at LAX for your plane to find an open gate.