• What is that blinking number?

    In addition to the tick marks, the total elapsed time for the currently open Entry is drawn on the clock face, blinking to remind you that the entry is clocked in. This value may be partially obscured some times by the hands of the clock, as would a date window on your wrist watch. But don’t worry, the value is also visible inside the Entry on the Time Card, located off to the right, inside the green button.

  • The hour bars filled up — did the app stop?

    When you fill up the clock face with hour bars, after having been clocked in for more than 12 hours continuously, the hour bars all remain lit, while the minute marks behave as normal for each additional hour. But don’t worry: the app has not stopped working. The exact IN and OUT times are always maintained, even when spanning multiple days. There is just nowhere to put the additional hour bars

  • Why did the blue marks disappear?

    The blue tick marks illustrate the entry which is currently open. Once you clock out, they are removed from the display. The clock continues to show the current time, however.

  • Why are some tick marks light blue?

    When you have chosen a Time Reporting Style other than Exact, you may have already billed for some time that has not elapsed. These minutes are drawn as a lighter shade of blue. For example, if you are using Punch Round with Interval 15 minutes, and it is currently 8:12, the app knows that if you clocked out know, the Time Card would report 8:15 as the OUT time. To distinguish the three billed but not yet elapsed minutes between 8:12 and 8:15 from minutes that have actually elapsed, the app colors these tick marks a lighter blue. At any given time, then, you can easily see what you would bill for if you clocked out now.

  • What are the blue tick marks?

    While you are punched in, the app helps you visualize your time by plotting the billable minutes and hours on the clock face. As billed minutes accumulate, they are highlighted in blue on the clock. After a full hour elapses, the minutes disappear and are poured into an hour bar that shows where the hour hand has been in the time you have billed, while the minutes for the next hour begin accumulating.